Celebrate Your Wedding at Lake Parlin Lodge!

wedding-couple-holding-handsWeddings don’t just happen. They evolve. They require timing, attention to detail and planning even in the most simple of nuptial arrangements.

At the lake these last few weeks we’ve hosted a wedding, a moose hunt, and a variety of leaf peepers and guests, along with our bird hunting and hiking crowds.  A varied bunch to say the least and only shows us that Lake Parlin has so much to offer during every time of the year, but also doesn’t leave us in 100 percent wedding mode, which is what has prompted this current posting.

Soon enough, once the snow flies and the smoker and BBQ get fired up I’m afraid our wedding gears will run a bit idle. Which doesn’t mean we won’t be taking your wedding day and weekend registrations as they come in, but thought a simple reminder is always a good idea especially with the busy seasons quickly approaching and with wedding details needing to be secured so far ahead of time, we felt this would be a well served reminder.

Shotgun weddings can be performed upon request with at least two days notice, but if you’re hoping for a more intimate and well attended event we recommend you call and reserve your dates for 2015 as soon as possible.

We would be honored to host your lakeside destination wedding for 2015! Call for availability and property rates and we’ll help take one big thing off of your list.