It’s Time to Play

ME Tourism 5If there is one thing that we do well here at the Lodge on Lake Parlin, no matter the season or activity, it’s that we know how to play!

There are so many daily and seasonal options that come before us, like: weather, weddings, fundraisers, lotteries for prize winning hunts, or invites to guide one or many of our new and returning guests for a variety of snowmobiling, fishing or hunting excursions.  There’a also canoe, pontoon, kayaking or hiking treks to discover some of the most serene fishing spots around.

With all of these opportunities, ultimately the most important choice within all of these options is the attitude that we take with us right into the center of it all, and the attitude that we choose to take is that of PLAY!

Playing might sound frivolous or fool-hearted; like we could care less about the goings on outside of the mountains, but on all counts it’s completely the opposite. We do care, we are involved, and we also understand the need to get away from it all sometimes.

See, we have guests that visit us repeatedly to retreat, to get away, to hone a skill or to experience a camaraderie that they don’t get anywhere else. Our guests come to us from all walks and levels of life.  They become friends after just one stay, and family any time they return. Once they’ve discovered why we choose to call this place our home they understand all too well our point of view, which is that folks mainly come to Lake Parlin Lodge to play.

We chose this lifestyle so that regardless of the world, politics and real life concerns everyone has on any given day, that we could provide a haven of sorts, a refuge from everything else- just for a time. Within that time, you can leave all of those worries and concerns where they belong and all you really have to do is PLAY!

Well, and maybe have some of the best Smokehouse food and BBQ when you come inside, but only if you want to!

Thanks for playing!

Happy New Year!!

It seems a little late to be wishing anyone Happy New Year right now but here we are, midway through the first month of 2015 and we are just coming up for air. Amid the blur of the last few weeks, between ice and snow storms and groomers and chainsaws working overtime, we have taken a moment to look up and understand what a wonderful season this is turning out to be.

Beer TapsIf we could describe the energy that has surrounded us over the last few weeks or the overall vibe from the flow of friends, guests and returning crews to the Lodge it would simply be “celebratory”!  The BBQ and Smokehouse is in full regale, our new and seasoned taps are flowing freely and the work to get everything moving in the same direction is paying off.

The storms that have cycled through have left our glorious mountains and lakes gleaming with a shimmering white blanket of snow, but it has been challenging to say the least. The buzz of excitement for riding and the overall giddiness of the riders has been met with such determination, that it makes for light hearts when all is said and done. The clearing and grooming to get things underway has been worth every hour of labor when you stop and realize the joy this safe passage creates for so many. A labor of love no doubt.

We are so pleased with the growing support in our fifth year of being open and have felt surrounded by the outpouring from afar and from our local community at large. This season and all it entails couldn’t happen without all of the consistent efforts and constant vigilance of our ever loyal staff and returning crews, all who have made Lake Parlin Lodge and Cabins a mecca retreat for everyone in this little piece of frozen heaven.

Make sure to stay informed of our trail conditions via our Trail Reports on our website as well as our Facebook page or simply subscribe to our Twitter feed for all of the weekly updates.

Until then, ride safe, stay healthy and thank you ALL for a great start to 2015!


Coming Back Together

Jonah Clearing TreesIt seems like since the snow started falling this season, everything at the Lodge is beginning to come back together. The trails are being groomed and are ready far earlier then they have been in the past. Winter is here- and the promise of an amazing season is upon us.

The food truck deliveries have been coming all week, and our chef Jason and his kitchen team are in full swing preparing the menu and services that keep folks coming back for more every year. There is a lot of hustling going on but the fires are lit and the cabins are cozy, and mostly we’re all looking forward to seeing and serving everyone who can make the trip, but trail or by route.



Our winter hours of operation will be:

Monday thru Thursday: 11:30am – 5:00pm

Friday: 11:30am -9:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am – 9:00pm

Sunday: 8:00am -3:00pm

Sunrise Winter ParlinJoe will continue to post Trail Reports via the website but they will also stream to Twitter and our Facebook page, so if you haven’t already “Liked” our page or subscribed to our feed do that now so you can stay connected and know how things are looking before you get here.

So for now, from all of us to all of our Lake Parlin friends, family and guests:  Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!  We wish you a peaceful, healthy and powered-up season!

Holidays, BBQ & Trails

The pressure has mounted a bit here at Lake Parlin as we all get prepared for the holidays and the snowmobile season ahead.

When the snow started to fall, we were ready, but some of the ongoing family and community events with each of the approaching holidays added a little more to our on going to do lists here at the Lodge. So we rallied!

Menu BoardThe grooming machines are being maintained and have been brought to peak working order along with the BBQ and Smokehouse equipment being all in place and ready to fire up. The savory smoke will be filling the chilled air surrounding the lake as our restaurant comes back into full swing on December 26th, a mere 17 days away!

There’s never enough time to do everything that we want to do, but these key elements all came together this week to make sure that all will be well for our guests and friends, as you are always our top priority.

We are looking forward to the great times and experiences to be had in the months to come and want to encourage you to give us a call and set up your winter plans as soon as possible for the best space available.

Just knowing you have an exciting trip planned that’s already in the works is the key to enjoying a long Maine winter!

Hope to see you all soon.


Air Ride

Lake Parlin Lodge is Preparing for Winter!

firewoodThis time of year at the lake, the layering begins. Clothing bulks up, wool comes out, and the boot drying racks find their place just out of tripping range, either near the fire or the heat register in hope that they’ll be dry and ready for the next days adventure. The pantries are stocked with staples. The wood is piled high is areas that are easier to get to once the snow fills in the landscape. The late winter vegetables are stored or canned while all the freezers are being slowly filled from the bottom up with quarts of frozen berries, blanched beans and fiddleheads along with all the garden harvest. Wild fish and game that span from trout to turkey, partridge to venison, are all packaged in vacuumed sealed bags waiting for the flakes to fly and the hunkering down to begin.

Moose season and fall fishing is behind us now and whitetail deer hunting is in full swing, as well as the occasional partridge, but mostly things around the lake are quieter, leaning more on preparing for life when life in the blustery mountains of western Maine get a little harder to live.

cozy fireBut most folks that have stayed with us before know that once the fall work is done, a new season begins and a whole other fun gets under way: “Snowmobiling Season!” It’s a season like no other and draws a crowd that relishes the storms to come in all their glory. It holds a level of excitement very close to “Winter Disney” levels if that is even possible. Snow machines are maintained, races are set, winter excursions are planned, and week long visits and weekends are booked in and around the best nor’easter storms Maine can conjure up. All the while, the pots simmer at home with venison stews, moose chili and the occasional pan-seared partridge. But at the lodge, from December 26th on, the BBQ is fired up, the kegs are fresh, the smokehouse is lit and comfort food at its finest awaits, along with a hearth fire that will thaw you out completely within two minutes of coming inside.

So, We and the Lodge await you, as you pull up in the early winter darkness, it’s always a welcome comfort knowing Lake Parlin is a place to share your stories, shed your layers, have a pint or two with friends and know that life is very good and that there’s no place you’d rather be.