Lake Parlin Lodge- Where Sustainability is a Way of Life

unnamedWith the moose hunts behind us and abundant proof that the grouse and woodcock hunting is active and thriving this year, we are moving forward here at Lake Parlin Lodge & Cabins to our white tail deer season in the western mountains of Maine.  Hunting isn’t all we do during this time of year, but it is a big part of the preparation time when we are all getting ready for the long winter months ahead. It’s not always the beautiful vistas and the grand waters that draw us here to this style of life, but more often we choose this way of living because of the satisfaction you get from a life lived in sustainability, independence and resourcefulness. It’s a life that you can connect to deeply when you can provide for the majority of your needs in and of the wilderness we call home.

We do shop at Hannaford and Sams Club sometimes for certain things, but we also tend gardens and support CSA’s that help us in putting up stores for the winter. We glean from the local farmer’s markets and a variety of orchards with each passing season to gather in an abundance of local harvests, but hunting for the mainstay of the evening meal is a harvest all of its own. The actual hunt isn’t for everyone, but some enjoy the mystery of eating moose meat for the first time, piling up a batch of venison jerky in a brine that you can smell beyond a mile or more from the smokehouse. Mostly though, it’s the using of what has been provided in the natural manner in which it was brought into the house and freezer is what is most satisfying to us collectively at this range of living.

Free-wheeling, gun slinging trophy hunters we are not. Even if we were, or hosted those who are, an open mind and the harvest that comes with it is never wasted and is always shared within the local communities in which we live.  Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, as well as families who eagerly await the 2:00am phone call from the game wardens that let them know a moose or deer has been hit by a vehicle and they were on “the list” of recipients that would be willing to take care of the animal that had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s life is not lost in vain, but will feed in abundance if tended to in a timely and sure handed manner. This is what we value.

We live, work and play in an area of Maine that supports a variety of lifestyles. Ours at Lake Parlin just happens to be one that changes with the seasons. We go from sourcing and fueling our bodies with a fine venison stew laced with garden grown carrots and potatoes in the fall, to a smoked or baked stuffed salmon caught from the liquid ice that houses them in the early spring, to gassing up our finest snow sheering machines for the long dormant months of winter. A variety of tastes for a variety of folks, dare I say we do pretty well to spread it around.

Give us a call. The smoker will be firing up December 26th, we hope to see you in the months to come!