Tips for Using Scents, Calls, and Decoys During Your Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen you stay in a Maine lakefront vacation rental, you are right in the center of some of the best hunting action in the country. Use the following tips to maximize the potential of your upcoming whitetail deer-hunting trip.


The kind of scent you should use depends on when you are hunting. Early in the season, all you need is doe urine to entice whitetail bucks into your path. If you are already into the pre-rut part of the season, though, the smell of buck urine will get other bucks amped up and running right toward you. When you are in the middle of the rut, look for doe estrous scent. Hunters in the post-rut should return to the simple scent of doe urine.


Grunt tubes are invaluable tools during the early season. When you start moving into pre-rut, upgrade to rattling antlers or a rattling bag. In the middle of the rut, sending off doe bleats will make a buck think there is a willing doe nearby. After the rut, you should focus on calls that make the bucks feel reassured like the occasional doe bleat.


Decoys are also valuable assets that help you draw out your mark. Early in the season, you should use a small buck decoy to catch a passing buck’s attention. Post-rut, change that out for a standing subordinate buck. During the rut, find a good buck decoy that is located near a tarsal scent. Post-rut, put out a feeding doe decoy for the best results.

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