Looking Back at the History of the North Maine Woods

maine-pics-011-2Renting a cabin from Lake Parlin Lodge and Cabins lets you enjoy the beauty found in the North Maine Woods! This area is home to beautiful scenery and fun and exciting activities, making it a great choice for any family vacation. Learn about the history of this area before planning your next vacation.

What Are the North Maine Woods?

North Maine Woods refers to the northern part of the state of Maine. With more than 3.5 million acres of land, this wooded area is popular among fans of nature and spending time outdoors. It is also home to 155 unincorporated townships. The NMW management area is responsible for maintaining the North Maine Woods and providing a place for residents and visitors alike to explore and enjoy. The North Maine Woods are known for producing lumber and pulp and providing plenty of space for hunting and other outdoor adventures.

What Is the History of the North Maine Woods?

The North Maine Woods have a long and slightly complicated history. This is due in large part to the fact that Maine and Massachusetts were considered one state in 1783. During this time, much of the land in this area was sold to private and industrial buyers. Once this area was officially turned into two separate states, the lines of ownership started to become blurred. The NMW was designated during the 1960s to help land owners settle their disputes regarding who owned what in the area.

What Can You Do There Today?

Nature fans can experience all of the beauty of the North Maine Woods with a lakefront vacation rental! Renting a cabin is the perfect way to stay in the area and explore everything it has to offer. This area is popular for numerous outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, and plenty of space for hiking.

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