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We Did Get Rain But The Riding Is Still Good!

Coburn Summit Riders Trail Report 1-20-15 I know a lot of people have been waiting to hear how we fared after the mess on Sunday. We did end up getting all rain but the trails held up very well. We went out with all of our groomers last night and the result is a very […]

Happy New Year!!

It seems a little late to be wishing anyone Happy New Year right now but here we are, midway through the first month of 2015 and we are just coming up for air. Amid the blur of the last few weeks, between ice and snow storms and groomers and chainsaws working overtime, we have taken […]

More of the same… Great Riding!

Coburn Summit Riders Trail Report 1-14-15 As we head into the 4th weekend of the snowmobiling season it’s hard to imagine having better early season conditions than we’ve had so far. Overall the trails are good to excellent with only a few thin rough spots to deal with. Groomers have been running and will go […]

Coming Back Together

It seems like since the snow started falling this season, everything at the Lodge is beginning to come back together. The trails are being groomed and are ready far earlier then they have been in the past. Winter is here- and the promise of an amazing season is upon us. The food truck deliveries have been […]

Holidays, BBQ & Trails

The pressure has mounted a bit here at Lake Parlin as we all get prepared for the holidays and the snowmobile season ahead. When the snow started to fall, we were ready, but some of the ongoing family and community events with each of the approaching holidays added a little more to our on going […]