We Did Get Rain But The Riding Is Still Good!

Coburn Summit Riders

Trail Report 1-20-15
I know a lot of people have been waiting to hear how we fared after the mess on Sunday. We did end up getting all rain but the trails held up very well. We went out with all of our groomers last night and the result is a very flat and very hard trail. We do have some trouble spots that I will detail below but all in all the trails are very good. Snow cover on the sections of trails that are roads, which is about 85% of our system, seems the same as it was before the rain. There were some corners that are icy but not nearly as but as I expected. Cooling and lubrication are going to be the issue for a few days until the trails get some traffic. Studs and ice scratchers are recommended. There are also a few areas where water flowed into the trail. They will be frozen for sure but caution should be taken because some are on sections of trail that are otherwise perfect and you will come up on them quickly. The bottom line is…I’ve seen better trails but I’ve also seen much worse and if you want to ride we’ve got the place to do it. As far as I know all neighboring clubs went out last night.

ITS 89 from intersection of Lake Parlin Connector to Grand Falls is groomed and in good condition.

ITS 87 from the intersection of ITS 88 south to The Forks is groomed and in good condition with the following exceptions: The woods section north of Rt 6/15 had a lot of water yesterday. We didn’t send the groomer through that section hoping it would freeze so it is at least passable by sled. Probably the worst trouble spot on our trail system. It’s only 3/4 of a mile so once you get through it you’ll have great going. The powerline section is also thin and rough so take your time and watch for rocks.

ITS 86 from The Forks west to Grand Falls is groomed and in good condition with the following exceptions: The southernmost section along the river is not groomed and very thin. We started grooming from the Enchanted Loop west. It is passable but not good. ITS 87 to the Enchanted Loop to ITS 86 is the recommended route out of town. The section between the Lower and Upper Enchanted road also had water issues. It should be frozen and passable today.We are still dealing with the 3 miles of plowed road but it won’t be plowed anymore so once we get snow it should be good again.

The Coburn Connector is groomed and in very good condition. There is a 1/4 mile of road that was plowed but is not being used anymore. We were able to pull some snow off the side so it should be no issue at all.

The Enchanted Loop is groomed and in good condition. There is a ditch that opened up with the rain but it is passable.

The Lake Parlin Connector is groomed and in good condition.