Tips for Selecting the Right Fly Fishing Rod

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the biggest perks of getting a lakefront vacation rental in Maine is the easy access it gives you to plenty of great fishing spots. If you are new to the sport of fly-fishing, use the following tips to figure out how to choose the right rod.

Think About the Length

The length of the rod you should choose depends a lot on the depth of the water where you plan to fish. If you are trying your luck in a shallower stream that is lined with brush, you should choose a shorter rod that extends no longer than 8 feet. If you want to fly-fish in deeper areas where you have plenty of space to cast, you can get a longer rod that extends to 9 feet to get better control.

Choose a Comfortable Weight

The weight of the rod is essential to get the fly into the water to start luring fish. If you want to use a larger fly to increase your chances at attracting your prey, you will need a heavier fly line to compensate for this extra weight and wind resistance. If you are aiming for smaller fish like trout, though, you can choose a lighter rod.

Opt for a Fly Rod and a Fly Line from the Same Manufacturer

The fly rod and the fly line are designed to work together to give you the most control. The best way to ensure that your rod and line work together is to choose some that come from the same manufacturer. Make sure that the codes match before you purchase these items so you have the best chance of getting some bites when you are out on the water.

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