September In The Beautiful Maine Wilderness!

Sept Blog PicSeptember in Maine is the most incredible autumn month if you ask most locals that have lived through the Maine seasons throughout the past years.  September at Lake Parlin, Maine is a treasure only few get to experience completely. Those who do, go away changed from the inside out because of it, vowing always to return annually for everything that Lake Parlin Lodge has to offer. The warm late summer days have a dry crisp feel and beckon you outdoors from early misty mornings, to sun filled days and comfortable evenings where only a light flannel shirt is needed. The daily pace slows from summer madness to easy and languorous afternoons that unknowingly seem to last twice as long and bring you into a true retreat when you want to get away from it all. Getting out into the wilderness, hiking, kayaking, canoeing along the calm lake create a quiet that makes your ears ring in spite of it. This outdoor experience is incredibly restorative for your mind, body and spirit and we would like to invite you to experience Lake Parlin Lodge & Cabins all year long, but want you to be aware of the special treasure of September that we offer while nestled in comfort in the beautiful Maine wilderness.

Our Lodge Rooms

Staying in the main lodge at Lake Parlin is a wonderful way to try out what we have to offer. We have four different rooms in our main lodge that sleep up to five people. Two of these rooms have a king bed and two have a queen bed, as well as each having a loft with a futon mattress that’s perfect for older kids or even an adventurous friend. You’ll have a private bathroom, radiant floor heat, and DISH satellite television for when you’re ready to call it a day. We also provide free Wi-Fi access for all of our guests so you can stay connected if you feel the need too.

Our Mini Lodge

Whether you’re traveling with extended family, a large group of friends or want to create your own type of retreat getaway, you’ll find comfort and convenience amidst our modern but private Mini Lodge. Set back from the main property the Mini Lodge has five bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom all set up with the ease and comfort of home. Make your own meals in the user-friendly kitchen while keeping everything social and fun with our open concept living space. A washer and dryer are available for your use, along with a full mudroom downstairs where you can leave all of the mess from your outdoor adventures before calling it a day.

Our Cabins

We encourage you to experience one of our six luxury cabins nestled lakeside. Each can accommodate up to six guests depending on which of the cabins you choose. See our website for the individual cabin offerings and which one would suit your needs. Every cabin is also equipped with fully functioning kitchens, DISH satellite televisions and space to relax after whatever adventures you may have discovered throughout each day.

At Lake Parlin Lodge & Cabins we will provide you with all of the comforts of home whenever you can get away to spend some time with us. Call us at (207) 668-9060 to book your fall stay, or visit our website for a closer look at your lodging options.

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