It’s Time to Play

ME Tourism 5If there is one thing that we do well here at the Lodge on Lake Parlin, no matter the season or activity, it’s that we know how to play!

There are so many daily and seasonal options that come before us, like: weather, weddings, fundraisers, lotteries for prize winning hunts, or invites to guide one or many of our new and returning guests for a variety of snowmobiling, fishing or hunting excursions.  There’a also canoe, pontoon, kayaking or hiking treks to discover some of the most serene fishing spots around.

With all of these opportunities, ultimately the most important choice within all of these options is the attitude that we take with us right into the center of it all, and the attitude that we choose to take is that of PLAY!

Playing might sound frivolous or fool-hearted; like we could care less about the goings on outside of the mountains, but on all counts it’s completely the opposite. We do care, we are involved, and we also understand the need to get away from it all sometimes.

See, we have guests that visit us repeatedly to retreat, to get away, to hone a skill or to experience a camaraderie that they don’t get anywhere else. Our guests come to us from all walks and levels of life.  They become friends after just one stay, and family any time they return. Once they’ve discovered why we choose to call this place our home they understand all too well our point of view, which is that folks mainly come to Lake Parlin Lodge to play.

We chose this lifestyle so that regardless of the world, politics and real life concerns everyone has on any given day, that we could provide a haven of sorts, a refuge from everything else- just for a time. Within that time, you can leave all of those worries and concerns where they belong and all you really have to do is PLAY!

Well, and maybe have some of the best Smokehouse food and BBQ when you come inside, but only if you want to!

Thanks for playing!