Lake Parlin Lodge- Where Sustainability is a Way of Life

unnamedWith the moose hunts behind us and abundant proof that the grouse and woodcock hunting is active and thriving this year, we are moving forward here at Lake Parlin Lodge & Cabins to our white tail deer season in the western mountains of Maine.  Hunting isn’t all we do during this time of year, but it is a big part of the preparation time when we are all getting ready for the long winter months ahead. It’s not always the beautiful vistas and the grand waters that draw us here to this style of life, but more often we choose this way of living because of the satisfaction you get from a life lived in sustainability, independence and resourcefulness. It’s a life that you can connect to deeply when you can provide for the majority of your needs in and of the wilderness we call home.

We do shop at Hannaford and Sams Club sometimes for certain things, but we also tend gardens and support CSA’s that help us in putting up stores for the winter. We glean from the local farmer’s markets and a variety of orchards with each passing season to gather in an abundance of local harvests, but hunting for the mainstay of the evening meal is a harvest all of its own. The actual hunt isn’t for everyone, but some enjoy the mystery of eating moose meat for the first time, piling up a batch of venison jerky in a brine that you can smell beyond a mile or more from the smokehouse. Mostly though, it’s the using of what has been provided in the natural manner in which it was brought into the house and freezer is what is most satisfying to us collectively at this range of living.

Free-wheeling, gun slinging trophy hunters we are not. Even if we were, or hosted those who are, an open mind and the harvest that comes with it is never wasted and is always shared within the local communities in which we live.  Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, as well as families who eagerly await the 2:00am phone call from the game wardens that let them know a moose or deer has been hit by a vehicle and they were on “the list” of recipients that would be willing to take care of the animal that had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s life is not lost in vain, but will feed in abundance if tended to in a timely and sure handed manner. This is what we value.

We live, work and play in an area of Maine that supports a variety of lifestyles. Ours at Lake Parlin just happens to be one that changes with the seasons. We go from sourcing and fueling our bodies with a fine venison stew laced with garden grown carrots and potatoes in the fall, to a smoked or baked stuffed salmon caught from the liquid ice that houses them in the early spring, to gassing up our finest snow sheering machines for the long dormant months of winter. A variety of tastes for a variety of folks, dare I say we do pretty well to spread it around.

Give us a call. The smoker will be firing up December 26th, we hope to see you in the months to come!

Celebrate Your Wedding at Lake Parlin Lodge!

wedding-couple-holding-handsWeddings don’t just happen. They evolve. They require timing, attention to detail and planning even in the most simple of nuptial arrangements.

At the lake these last few weeks we’ve hosted a wedding, a moose hunt, and a variety of leaf peepers and guests, along with our bird hunting and hiking crowds.  A varied bunch to say the least and only shows us that Lake Parlin has so much to offer during every time of the year, but also doesn’t leave us in 100 percent wedding mode, which is what has prompted this current posting.

Soon enough, once the snow flies and the smoker and BBQ get fired up I’m afraid our wedding gears will run a bit idle. Which doesn’t mean we won’t be taking your wedding day and weekend registrations as they come in, but thought a simple reminder is always a good idea especially with the busy seasons quickly approaching and with wedding details needing to be secured so far ahead of time, we felt this would be a well served reminder.

Shotgun weddings can be performed upon request with at least two days notice, but if you’re hoping for a more intimate and well attended event we recommend you call and reserve your dates for 2015 as soon as possible.

We would be honored to host your lakeside destination wedding for 2015! Call for availability and property rates and we’ll help take one big thing off of your list.

New Experiences with Old Birds

ruffed-grouse-hunter-in-ore (1)Ruffed Grouse hunting has been a long standing hunting and fall weather hike kick off tradition as long as we can remember. If you aren’t an archery buff, bear seeker or haven’t been chosen in the moose permit lottery, your hunting season begins on the fly.

The colors of fall begin to change the canopy of the woods and the ground begins to get covered in a mix of damp crispness that smells like middle earth. Walking the leaf covered side roads around Lake Parlin you discover easy outdoor hikes and a possible hide and seek sport of grouse hunting that sends your adrenaline pumping when you flush out the first bird of the season.

That’s enough for some, wearing the blaze orange vests and hats, connecting with the wildlife and beauty that surrounds you at every turn. For others, they load up their bird shot and the challenge begins.

Ruffed Grouse, also known to many as Partridge or forest chickens, are a great sporting bird to hunt and a challenge to do it well. Before the hunt it’s important to be able to distinguish between a ruffed grouse and a spruce grouse, which is a protected species of bird due to its friendly nature and its propensity to not take off in flight when flushed out. It’s more of the laid back kind of grouse that could in a survival situation be taken with a well aimed rock and is not a gaming bird.

Learning to spot the correct birds isn’t easy. They are usually fanned out in their distinct wooded camouflage plumage on a sunny embankment and you’ll more likely hear them before you see them scratching about looking for bugs and gravel under the dead fall and leaves. Once found, you don’t want to charge in and scare them or you’ll never get a good shot. Ideally, you want them to fly and have the skill to take them in the air, but initially you don’t want to riddle your prize with bird shot, so in the beginning or teaching young hunters you wait for a clear view from the wooded area and aim just above the body.

Small game and bird hunting give you a chance to learn the skills you will need for larger game if you are interested in growing in that area. If not, it’s a great way to spend time in the outdoors, alone or with friends and family. You’ll not only come back to the lodge or cabin with great stories from your day out, but hopefully with any luck, dinner!

Ruffed Grouse season opens October 1st – December 31st 2014. Come join us during this beautiful time of year and see if this just could be a new addition to the sameness of life you’ve been living and give it a shot!

All firearms hunting in Maine requires a license and required hunter firearm safety course, but if that’s not your thing you can always go along with the hunting party. Don’t forget to wear your hunter orange and bring along your camera and lunch just in case!

September In The Beautiful Maine Wilderness!

Sept Blog PicSeptember in Maine is the most incredible autumn month if you ask most locals that have lived through the Maine seasons throughout the past years.  September at Lake Parlin, Maine is a treasure only few get to experience completely. Those who do, go away changed from the inside out because of it, vowing always to return annually for everything that Lake Parlin Lodge has to offer. The warm late summer days have a dry crisp feel and beckon you outdoors from early misty mornings, to sun filled days and comfortable evenings where only a light flannel shirt is needed. The daily pace slows from summer madness to easy and languorous afternoons that unknowingly seem to last twice as long and bring you into a true retreat when you want to get away from it all. Getting out into the wilderness, hiking, kayaking, canoeing along the calm lake create a quiet that makes your ears ring in spite of it. This outdoor experience is incredibly restorative for your mind, body and spirit and we would like to invite you to experience Lake Parlin Lodge & Cabins all year long, but want you to be aware of the special treasure of September that we offer while nestled in comfort in the beautiful Maine wilderness.

Our Lodge Rooms

Staying in the main lodge at Lake Parlin is a wonderful way to try out what we have to offer. We have four different rooms in our main lodge that sleep up to five people. Two of these rooms have a king bed and two have a queen bed, as well as each having a loft with a futon mattress that’s perfect for older kids or even an adventurous friend. You’ll have a private bathroom, radiant floor heat, and DISH satellite television for when you’re ready to call it a day. We also provide free Wi-Fi access for all of our guests so you can stay connected if you feel the need too.

Our Mini Lodge

Whether you’re traveling with extended family, a large group of friends or want to create your own type of retreat getaway, you’ll find comfort and convenience amidst our modern but private Mini Lodge. Set back from the main property the Mini Lodge has five bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom all set up with the ease and comfort of home. Make your own meals in the user-friendly kitchen while keeping everything social and fun with our open concept living space. A washer and dryer are available for your use, along with a full mudroom downstairs where you can leave all of the mess from your outdoor adventures before calling it a day.

Our Cabins

We encourage you to experience one of our six luxury cabins nestled lakeside. Each can accommodate up to six guests depending on which of the cabins you choose. See our website for the individual cabin offerings and which one would suit your needs. Every cabin is also equipped with fully functioning kitchens, DISH satellite televisions and space to relax after whatever adventures you may have discovered throughout each day.

At Lake Parlin Lodge & Cabins we will provide you with all of the comforts of home whenever you can get away to spend some time with us. Call us at (207) 668-9060 to book your fall stay, or visit our website for a closer look at your lodging options.

Fly Fishing: The Basics

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you enjoy spending time outdoors, especially in a beautiful wilderness setting? If you do, then Maine should be the next place you choose for a vacation. Vacationing in Maine is relaxing, rejuvenating, and peaceful, as you’ll have plenty of time to get back to nature. When you want a break from hiking in the woods, consider taking up fly fishing in Lake Parlin. Fly fishing can take some time to master, but chances are you’ll be hooked from the moment you cast your first line. Keep reading to learn about the basics of fly fishing.


The basic goal of fly fishing is similar to the basic goals of other types of fishing: to use bait or a lure to get the fish to bite on your line. Fly fishing typically uses an artificial insect that mimics a fish’s normal food as a lure to attract the fish and get it to bite. While outsmarting a fish might sound fairly simple, anyone who has ever fished before can tell you that it can be more difficult than it looks. To create these artificial lures that look like insects, different materials such as features, hairs, beads, and wires are used. The trick is getting the fish to choose your lure out of all the other possible food sources in the area.


If you have ever watched someone fly fishing as opposed to traditional fishing, you probably noticed that there’s a difference in the way that the line is cast out into the water. Traditional casting and fly casting use different equipment to get the lure into the water. In traditional casting, the lure is the heaviest part, and therefore flies through the air faster, taking the line behind it. However, in fly fishing, the lure is very light and the fly line is the heaviest part. The fly line takes the momentum of the cast and brings the leader and fly (or lure) along with it through the air.

Now that you know a little more about the basics of fly fishing, try your hand at it while staying at Lake Parlin Lodge & Cabins. We have many years of experience in the hospitality industry to make your Maine vacation everything you want it to be. Contact us at (207) 668-9060 to book your lodging now.